This is HALF of a turkey only, not the whole bird! This can be roasted in the oven with no need to turn over during cooking. 


Our breeds of turkey are natural and slow growing unlike the commercial breeds. They gain a healthy muscle and flavour in their life unlike the intensive breeds which grow at an accelerated rate and when cooking or produce a soft tasteless meat. Instead you and your family will enjoy a full rich flavour and know that what you are eating really is a natural quality animal which lived a healthy high welfare life.


Hand plucked and hung to improve taste,  delivered oven ready and with giblets they are a real treat for Christmas!


Size average:

Small 5.5kg 

Medium 6.5kg

HALF Bronze Turkey

  • Courier delivery:

    Standard Delivery - arrives by 4pm. 1 box (up to 10kg) -- £9.60

    Express Delivery - arrives by 12pm. 1 box (up to 10kg) -- £14.60

    Each additional box -- £5.50

    Collection direct from our farm:

    Collections are then possible the following week, in the afternoon on Saturday or Sunday. 

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