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Drop us a line!

If you have any questions (that we haven't already answered on our website!), please don't hesitate to contact us.


Unfortunately due to the nature of our work, we are often unable to answer the phone. So if there is no answer, please send an email and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Come visit us during our Open Saturday's to meet the family, take a walk around the farm, meet the animals, observe seasonal farm work, chill in our woodland play area and enjoy our fresh homemade food in our cafe.

Thanks for submitting!

One of our team will be in touch.

While parents and guardians can bring small children, we have no creche or childcare facilities and we expect parents and guardians to supervise young children at all times.

Disabled access: Our cafe and the main farm area (menagerie, picnic area and a few animal ranges) are wheelchair accessible. The rest of the farm is accessible via the roads, paths and tracks however as the ground can be uneven (general fields and farmland) to access all areas of the farm would need a companion to help manoeuvre in places.

Farm Shop Times:

Saturday 2:30 - 4pm | Sunday 11 - 1pm

Admission: Free (Farm Shop & Cafe only)

Contact for general & business enquiries:


Contact for general volunteering: 

Call Us on: 078 2816 0159

Address: Willowbrook Farm,

Hampton Gay, Oxford, OX5 2QQ

For Broadcasting, Writing, Public Speaking, Press, Brand & Media enquiries, please contact:


Wolfsong Media
T: 0203 651 3658

Our Commitment to you

Halal & Tayib

Our personal assurance

Be sure to read this before purchasing from us!

Join us this Weekend!

We strongly recommend you make your first visit to the farm an Open Saturday to allow us to show you the farm and what we do as well as a chance for you to get involved with the activities and workshops we can offer.

We are also open Sunday from 10 - 4pm, however this is a relaxed day with limited shop hours and no activities! 

Farm access on Sunday is £5 (child) and £7.50 (adult), you can still enjoy the farm grounds, cafe and animals

If you are just popping in to pick up an order or purchase produce then there is no need to book, but please understand access will be limited to the shop and cafe only, you will not be able to enjoy the farm or day's event.

Farm Shop Times:

Saturday 2:30 - 4pm | Sunday 11 - 1pm

Admission: Free (Farm Shop & Cafe only)

Join us this weekend
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