Campsite Rules

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Campsite Rules

Campsite Rules

Willowbrook is a real working farm. It is also our home! Please follow signs and remain in the areas marked on the map provided. Open times and designated areas:

  • Children (under 16) must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • For the sake of animals and others Quiet Time is between 11pm-7am.
  • Please do not approach the main working area of the farm outside the shop hours as we are a real farm with no cafe or activities outside of our events.
Facilities and Equipment:
  • The farm shop provides Willowbrook produce, wood for campfires, picnic mats and other supplies, available daily for campers. Times are displayed at the campsite.
  • We have communal fire-pits available for campers, these are set in the ground at designated areas.
  • No alcohol is permitted on site at any time.
  • Please take your rubbish with you. Any rubbish left on site incurs a £5 fee for each bag left.
  • We can dispose of compostable waste, paper and recycling, please bring this to the main entrance to be checked off by staff.
  • Please clean up after using any facilities to leave it clean for the next visitors.
Farm and Animals:
  • Please do not feed or chase the animals, treat them with respect. If an animal is scared it can pose a danger to both you and itself.
  • Please do not pick or damage any leaves, flowers or branches of any trees or plants.
  • Do not remove any wood from our farmland, hedgerow or woodland. Eco-systems take years to develop but only minutes to destroy!
  • If you open any gates please remember to close and secure them behind you to protect our livestock.
  • Domestic animals are not allowed on site unless agreed in advance with staff.
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times around the farm, in the campsite and on the lane.
  • Any activities which might otherwise intrude upon or constitute a danger or annoyance to others on or around the site must be cleared by staff in advance.
Fire & Safety:
  • Fires must be tended by an adult at all times, keep flammables away from the fire.
  • There is a sand bucket for putting out fires at the camp-site under the sink at wash point. If used/empty please notify staff immediately!
  • The fire point is our Cafe at the entrance to the farm. If you have any problems staff can always be found here.
If you have any issues or need urgent attention please call on 07969151944. Please be aware this is a personal line so please do not use this outside of your visit or for other business reasons.

Anyone found breaking these rules will be asked to leave the farm immediately. Depending on the severity of the offence, you may be blacklisted and banned from returning to our farm. I understand this may seem harsh, however the rules are important in protecting our livestock and environment. In some cases, breaking the rules can lead to the death of our animals.

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