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On our farm we rear natural slow maturing traditional breeds of chicken, free from unnatural chemicals, hormones or medication. Unlike modern breeds of chicken, which live an average of 5 weeks, ours will reach full maturity at 12 weeks and have full access to woodland & pasture all year long!

As we can only rear very small flocks of chicken with this farming process, we could not meet the increasing demand. We felt it unfair that our customers were having to fight it out every week to secure some chicken, with many customers missing out on a weekly basis.

And so we implemented a membership scheme, whereby members receive 2 whole chickens, every 4 weeks. We set the number of chickens per member at two in order so we can supply the greatest number of our customers.

Please sign up below to join, however understand as there is a huge demand for chicken, new submissions will have to wait for a space to become available.

This does not affect our lamb or beef produce, or any other activities on our farm. We hope to continue improving our services and providing excellent quality meat. 

Why can't we increase our stock?


We have increased our flocks to our sustainable limits. Remember, we are a small farm and we sell chickens that mature slowly and naturally. We don't believe in the over-stocked commercial type farming. That's part of our ethos and we believe it is why you love us! 

But what are we supposed to do if we can't get your chicken?


It's not what you want to hear, but consider eating less meat? We have always advised our customers that as a nation we consume too much meat. We raise healthy, natural animals that take time and money to mature and should be accorded a commensurate status. 

Consider buying less chicken, buy our lamb or beef, or even go veggie a few times a week. Chicken is the least sustainable meat. Both beef and lamb are fully grass fed and require much lower inputs


Please read our blog Red vs White Meat for a discussion of this. 

Something to consider... before starting this new system none of us Radwans here at Willowbrook had eaten any chicken for over three months! All our produce has gone straight out to our valued customers.

Remember, it's slow food not fast food!

Unfortunately we have reached full capacity for membership now, and our waiting list is also full too.

When there is space available we will announce this via social media and provide a sign-up form here, but for now I'm afraid we do not have chicken available.

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