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Sustainable Energy

System Change Not Climate Change

Carbon neutral living

Alternative energy production

Energy consumption is overlooked by many farming systems across the world. We feel it is essential that in addition to farming sustainably, one must address energy consumption for both business and personal needs.

Over the years we have installed wind and solar power systems on the farm which provide a large proportion of our electricity needs. In addition we have planted over 5,000 trees across the farm providing a sustainably managed source of fuel for our biomass boiler. 

wood stack

Our Biomass Boiler

Across the farm we have planted thousands of trees offering diverse habitats for a multi layered eco-system. By managing the woodlands sustainably we are now able to coppice and pollard our trees, to provide a sustainable off-take of fuel.  This feeds our carbon neutral biomass boiler.

Our boiler provides all the heating and hot water requirements for the farm.  As we have to harvest, split, stack and then load all of the fuel as needed, we take great care not to waste and over use our energy resources.

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