The Willowbrook Story

Farming with nature

Setting the standard

Farming in good faith

When Ruby and Lutfi started Willowbrook Farm it was to provide healthy wholesome food for their family and create a space where they could live in harmony with nature. From this good intention our story began.

We try to farm and live our lives simply, in tune with nature and the seasons, minimising  our negative impacts on the environment and encouraging nature to flourish both on and off our farm. We hope this will help encourage others to reflect and do what they can with the time we have on earth.

sunset chickens

Responsible Stewardship

We believe it is our duty to take seriously the role of steward for Gods creation (Khalifa), to produce food naturally and sustainably (Tayyib) – and to be grateful for the food we receive (Halal).

In practice this means we adopt a responsible and holistic approach to all aspects of food production, from the farm to fork.

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