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The Willowbrook Story

The UK's First Halal Farm 

Nestled in the Cherwell Valley floodplain, a stone's throw away from Oxford City, lies our farm. Here, our land thrives under the tender care of natural farming practices, devoid of any chemicals or pesticides. Our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and the preservation of natural biodiversity sets us apart.

In 2002 our extraordinary journey began. When Lutfi, at the time a lecturer at Oxford University, and his wife Ruby, a trained holistic therapist, relinquished their conventional careers and relocated their family to an initially desolate farmland. Their purpose was clear: to live harmoniously with nature, sustainably rear animals, and create an idyllic haven for their loved ones. Thus, our remarkable story unfolded.

Facing many hardships from no prior farming experience, the pressures of starting a new business, total life-style change, juggling work alongside caring for young children, financial difficulty, and unfortunately racism and slander from neighbors (which continues still for over 20 years!)

Despite this, and with incredible support from our customers, family and Allah, we have blossomed from a humble farm, catering solely to the needs of friends and family, to now expand our reach, supplying customers across the UK. Yet, throughout our growth, we remain steadfast in our principles. We refuse to succumb to profit-driven pursuits or commercial expansion that would compromise our integrity and the unmatched quality we provide.

Our approach to farming and life itself is one of simplicity, attuned to the rhythm of nature and the changing seasons. We continually strive to minimise our negative impact on the environment, fostering the flourishing of nature both within and beyond our farm. Our hope is that through our example, others will be inspired to pause and reflect on the remarkable potential of the time we have been granted on this earth.

sunset chickens

Responsible Stewardship

We believe it is our duty to take seriously the role of steward for Gods creation (Khalifa), to produce food naturally and sustainably (Tayyib) – and to be grateful for the food we receive (Halal).

We have simplified this to:

  • Sustainable Buildings

  • Biodiversity

  • Sustainable Energy

  • Waste Management

  • Ethical Farming

  • Community and Charity

Information Boards found around our farm.

History Of Hampton Gay

A history of farming, community and rebellion!

From early UK settlements to local uprising and modern day farming.

Meet the family

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