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Sustainable Farming with The Radwans

On Jimmy's Farm 

New Lives In The Wild - Willowbrook Farm

Ben Fogle's New Lives in the Wild on Channel 5

On class, ethnicity and the natural world

Geographical Article - Written by  Faizal Farook

The Humble Farmer

A short documentary about Dr Lutfi and his family who established the first UK halal farm.

Britain's First Ever Halal Farm!

A short video about our farm, a great introduction to what we're trying to create.

The Quiet Resilience of Willowbrook Farm

Dora Taylor: an article written and shared as part of the Farmerama series, Who Feeds Us?

‘We’re stewards of our land’: the rise of female farmers

The Guardian: The story of four female farmers their lives, work and a year of challenges

Feeding Body and Soul

A short article on our family farm, slaughter and farming ethos

On Your Farm

Rahil Sheikh meets the Radwan family

Let's MEAT: The ethics of Halal

Panel discussion between Willowbrook Farm, HMC and HFA

Organic Halal

Sunny and Shay, BBC Radio London

Ethical, organic, safe: the other side of halal food

Carla Power, The Observer

Halal meat consumers urges to consider animal welfare

Athar Ahmad, BBC Asian Network

Q&A with Willowbrook Farm

Halal Food Foundation

Willowbrook Farm: Islamic Lifestyle Redefined

About Islam

Volunteering at Willowbrook

Zarina El Kabdani - WOOF

Media enquires

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