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Respecting Nature

Sustaining the Land

Living in harmony

Our farm is located in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside and falls within the Cherwell Valley Environmentally Sensitive Area. We have always felt it is our responsibility to ensure that the maximum bio-diversity of habitats, plant and animal life can thrive, in harmony with our sustainable farming. We have planted several thousand trees over the farm and created two large natural ponds to encourage a wide range of wildlife.

By farming in this manner we are able to show that it is not necessary to destroy natural animal and plant habitats. It is possible to build a productive and sustainable family farm, providing quality produce, whilst maintaining high ethical principles and standards.


Visitors to the farm have observed over 25 species of birds, including several species from the RSPB Red and Amber lists, which are in decline. We've also observed grass snakes, deer, badgers, foxes, weasels, stoats, owls, frogs, newts, buzzards and woodpeckers; it's practically Farthing Wood here!


No chemicals, herbicides or pesticides or artificial fertilisers are applied to the land and natural ecosystems have been allowed to recover.

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