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Our breeds of turkey are natural and slow growing unlike the commercial breeds. They gain a healthy muscle and flavour in their life unlike the intensive breeds which grow at an accelerated rate and when cooking or produce a soft tasteless meat. Instead you and your family will enjoy a full rich flavour and know that what you are eating really is a natural quality animal which lived a healthy high welfare life.


Hand plucked and hung to improve taste, delivered oven ready, with wings and with giblets. 


Small 3-4kg

Medium 4-5kg

Large 5-6kg

Bronze Turkey Crown

  • Courier delivery:

    Standard Delivery - arrives by 4pm. 1 box (up to 10kg) -- £9.60

    Express Delivery - arrives by 12pm. 1 box (up to 10kg) -- £14.60

    Each additional box -- £5.50

    Collection direct from our farm:

    Collections are then possible the following week, in the afternoon on Saturday or Sunday. 

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