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Image by Nathan Dumlao
Homemade and Fresh

Willowbrook Cafe


  • Organic Coffee
  • Organic Tea
  • Organic Herbal / Foraged Teas*
  • Organic Hot Chocolate
  • Organic Babyccino
  • Local Pure Apple Juice
  • Homemade Elderflower Cordial*


  • Handmade Cakes
  • Handmade Flapjacks/Brownies
  • Handmade Artisan Gelato
  • Cheese & Wild Garlic Scones*
  • Seasonal Vegan Soup*
  • Seasonal Meat Curry*
  • Fresh Sourdough Toasties, served with: Organic Butter, Willowbrook Jam, Melted Cheese or Pulled Beef Brisket
  • Willowbrook Gourmet Beef Burger Barbecue and Salads - served ONLY on Open Days.
* Seasonal items

Our Farm Cafe

Using our own farm's seasonal produce, local produce and organic whenever possible. Homemade right here on our farm, or sourced from local businesses in Oxford, fresh every weekend!


Our cafe is run like the rest of our farm, with very high standards and principles, with as much of our own produce as possible, handmade and homemade, and powered by our own family and staff - no outsourcing or franchises here!

We only run the cafe during our events and operate a ZERO waste cafe, literally not a crumb is wasted! All food is prepared fresh for the weekend and in small quantities. By ensuring we have a very limited surplus we manage to give any excess food to our own family and staff to enjoy after a busy week!

Any food scraps created when preparing food is simply composted on-site and circles back into the veg garden. We do not use any plastics for serving, everything is either washed after use or compostable. 

As you can imagine by operating with these principles the cost is high, it requires more labour and higher cost of ingredients. And yet, having compared to similar venues and cafes it's surprising to find we are still very competitive, with an average lunch meal and hot drink costing under £13

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