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Seasonal birds

Our seasonal birds are natural, slow maturing, traditional breeds of geese. Reared without the use of any unnatural chemicals, hormones or medication.


Unlike modern faster growing breeds, ours will develop slowly, with full access to woodland & pasture.

  • Select your desired delivery option: 

If your order is being delivered on the 12th you will need to freeze it before Christmas.

If you are collecting between the 18th and 23rd it will be fresh and fine refrigerated until Christmas.

  • Please see the product pages for a Size and Cooking Guide as well as some additional cooking and storage tips.

  • Sizes may vary from website estimates - we will do out best to accurately provide what you have ordered, however as with natural produce there is always variation so please read our FAQ before ordering.

  • We will do our best to call you before sending your order to confirm any changes, please do not ignore calls from our business number (listed on contact page) as we may only be able to call on the day of dispatch.

Turkeys are not native birds (originating from South America) and suffer in the cold and damp climate, especially in the winter months. Because of this reason we have decided to not rear them this year in the hopes that geese, lamb, chicken and beef will be a more sustainable and ethical option.

Xena Fleece

Gift Shop

A range of unique and special gifts.

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Ethically sourced, fairtrade fine foods from Palestine

Order Online

Order as soon as possible to secure your order and select your desired delivery option at checkout.

If you would like to add items you can place additional orders and quote order number in comments to combine.

Top quality

Traditional birds, personally dispatched by us to ensure care and traceability .


Dry hand plucked to improve quality and storage.

Hung to mature and improve flavour. 

To your door

With nationwide next day delivery service scheduled for 12th December.


Please be aware the produce will need freezing for Christmas.

Farm Collection

Collection direct from our farm is available from the 18th - 23rd December. 

The produce will be fine fresh until Christmas

An extra bonus

If you come to collect your seasonal order from us you can also grab last minute produce and gifts.

And enjoy a walk around the farm and a hot drink from our cafe for free!

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