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A seasonal insight


Winter is (finally) coming...

Nature is not just something narrated on the BBC by David Attenborough it happens all around us every second of the day.

Living and working on a farm we are made increasingly aware of these subtle daily changes. Autumn is giving way to winter, albeit reluctantly, and the regularity and intensity of the frosts in the early morning is increasing day by day. However as long as the sun shines brightly it all seems so much more heartening.

Our new day old chicks are snug and warm in the brooder which has at last been refurbished. Our turkeys and geese are loving the dry weather and enjoying the lush end of summer grass around the fruit and nut orchard. The sheep still have plenty of grass up on their hill and are looking well and healthy for lambing in Spring.

In the vegetable garden things are slowing down. In the ground and stored safely for the winter, are carrots and parsnips, leeks, celeriac, parsley with spinach chard and mustard greens in the poly-tunnel. Garlic planted in October is shooting to high as 5 inches and will be ready to harvest next July. The squashes are safely stored in the cobb boiler room, along with the garlic, potatoes, and apples.

Over the summer we collected all the wool from our sheep and sent it off to Curlew Weavers who have woven a range of blankets and woollen items. Look out for these on our webpage! Although not cheap they use 100% natural fibre and will last a lifetime. We also received back our organically tanned fleeces from Nikki Ports Organic Tannery. Perfect for so many uses and fully machine washable due to the natural processes used.

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