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A Happy New Year! 2018

As one year moves in to the next it's lovely to take a few days, after a busy Christmas period, to relax and plan for the spring. There is precious little time to pause however, the animals always need caring for after all! And with the spring the cycle of birth and rebirth will start again.

Happy new year to everyone, thank you so much for supporting us and making last year so wonderful. We are eagerly looking forward to 2018 and all the joys and challenges it is sure to bring us. The community we are building and are part of, both locally and across the UK is amazing and we are so proud to be part of this. We hope to see many of you here in the summer as both customers and friends.

Last summer we collected all the wool from our sheep and sent it off to Curlew Weavers (a small family run traditional mill) who have woven us a range of handwoven woollen blankets, ponchos, throws and scarves, made from 100% natural wool fibre and organic dyes.

We have also received back another season of our organically tanned fleeces from Nikki Ports Organic Tannery. Perfect for so many uses and fully machine washable due to the natural processes used. Wonderful as birth presents for any newborn and birthday presents for all ages.

We hope to be announcing the start of open days to coincide with lambing in late February/March so keep a look out. However we are always open on Sundays for volunteers to help on the farm. Please check out our website for details on how to register.

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