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A seasonal insight


Autumn on the farm

Autumn, on a farm, is certainly a good time to pause and reflect on what we are blessed with.  We are currently harvesting the last of the peppers and courgettes, as all of the succulents are either threatened by damp and mould or by the soon to arrive early morning frost.  There is still a lot out there though, the chillies are turning red in the polytunnels, salads, leeks, onions, herbs are still growing and the host of winter root crops will sit safely in the ground until they are needed.

We held our last open Sunday last week and it had a theme of harvest, as customers helped us picking apples from our fruit trees and tried their hands at threshing the Amaranth seed.

Away from the vegetable garden our turkeys are now ranging outdoors and there is the daily ritual of walking the geese out to the orchard where they enjoy eating grass and bugs whilst manuring our fruit trees for next year.  

Our rams are still being kept on their own but will soon be reunited with their many wives and the cycle will turn again and we can look forward to lambing in the early spring.

On the construction front we are busily finishing the long awaited, on site abattoir and butchery and hope to have that finished before the new year. Doors always take longer to hang than you think!

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