When will delivery be made?

Orders are delivered by Thursday by 5pm. We will confirm delivery date via email after your order is placed.

We confirm that delivery will be made to your address and left safely at the address if you are out/unavailable. The courier will also email you on the day of delivery with a 2 hour window for delivery.

If you have any issues with this time allocated please email us and call the courier to reschedule for later delivery if possible. The courier details are provided in our dispatch confirmation email.


If you are unavailable and the order is left this is at the customers risk as neither we nor the courier are able to take responsibility for theft or damages!


Is the produce Fresh or Frozen?

Depending on our available stock we may occasionally dispatch some items frozen. When you receive your items make sure you read your invoice to see which items were sent frozen and which are fresh.

If any items have defrosted in transit you can treat them as fresh (store in the fridge and cook within 3 days)

All fresh items can be stored in either the fridge or freezer, frozen items can be stored in the freezer.

Remember you can specify in comments if you would only like fresh items.


Why are the packet prices different to website?

Please remember that the price displayed on our items may differ from the online sale price as we allow a +/- 10% range for all meat items. The reason for this is simple, when dealing with a natural product there will always be variation in weights, we allow this 10% range so we can sell our produce and process payments before preparing orders in case of late cancellations and wasted produce. 

In the case that any items do fall outside the 10% range, the sale price for that item will be updated on dispatch, and a credit issued or an additional payment requested as necessary. All our prices are monitored and adjusted each week to ensure as much accuracy as possible. 


Can we reduce delivery costs?

Unfortunately couriers are not cheap and we do not have any control over this. The delivery cost also covers the insulated packaging and icepacks required to keep you order chilled in transit.

If you feel the delivery cost is too much, then perhaps combine your order with a family/friends visit to the farm?


How do I cancel or return an order?

To cancel your order please send us an email 2 days before dispatch/collection.
As outlined in our Return Policy we are only able to process refunds for items that are frozen immediately and returned to us for inspection. The return can be arranged by us although this will be at the customers expense and you will need to ensure packaging is the same as when received.