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Willowbrook's campsite was established to provide ecologically managed camping facilities and raise environmental awareness amongst our members and visitors. 


When camping you must abide by the following rules at all times.


  • Children must be supervised and made aware of environmental dangers, fire safety and farm animals.
  • Utmost care must be taken not to damage the site or the surrounding environment and locality.
  • Plants, fences, buildings, equipment and animals should all be respected and treated with care.
  • Wood for fires is not to be taken from the farmland, hedgerow or woodland.
  • Fires must be raised onto fire bricks and contained so as to not damage the ground.
  • Cleaning products must be ecologically approved (e.g Ecover).
  • Waste must either be taken home or disposed of by staff on site in accordance with on-site arrangements. 
  • Domestic animals are not allowed on site unless agreed in advance with staff.
  • Any activities which might otherwise intrude upon or constitute a danger or annoyance to others on or around the site must be cleared by staff in advance.
  • Noise levels and activities must be kept to levels that do not adversely affect other campers.
  • Alcohol products are not allowed on site.
  • Pork products must not be cooked on communal equipment.


We hope that your stay will inspire you to continue thinking and acting along with these beliefs and ideals. We encourage you to try and make small changes in your life where possible and reach these simple goals.


  • Ride, walk or use public transport in place of a car when you can.
  • Recycle or re-use any materials you can, and compost food waste.
  • Buy produce locally and/or ethically.
  • Reduce wasteful energy, water and heating use.


To sign up to the Willowbrook Ecology Group simply book your camping visit and pay a one off fee of £1 upon arrival for one year membership.


Under 16s free.




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