Waste Recycling

December 04, 2016, comments, on Responsible Stewardship

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Visitors to our farm will be familiar with our traditional composting eco-toilets. The second generation versions are being constructed as we speak, available both at the campsite and close to the farmshop. Since 2017 we have recycled all the poo you leave behind. This is part of our efforts to take responsibility on the farm for our waste products. We also compost all vegetable waste producing a valuable compost for the vegetable garden. We also minimise paper and plastic use on the farm and recycle or re-use where possible.


The compost toilets are a dry compost system where the human waste is mixed with ash and woodchip whereby it quickly breaks down and soon turns into a manure which can be used around non fruiting trees on the farm. For the main buildings we have installed a bio-disc sewage treatment system which allows the anaerobic digestion of all human waste. The treated water is released and the waste is stored as a compost.


On our vegetable allotments we have a number of compost bins which recycle all the green waste and these are regularly turned and provide a nutrient rich soil which is mixed judiciously with the animal manures to maintain the fertility and profile of our soils. No chemical or artificial nutrients or additives are used on the farm and no pesticides or herbicides.


We do still use diesel for our deliveries and tractor on the farm. However we do limit this as much as possible and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of affordable and practical electric vehicles.



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