Ethical Farming

December 04, 2016, comments, on Responsible Stewardship

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Unlike most commercial farmers, rearing large numbers of fast growing hybrid birds, we choose to rear only traditional and natural breeds of chicken. We maintain our flocks at naturally sustainable and manageable stocking levels, providing them with plenty of access to fresh pasture, providing a non-GM diet, using no chemicals, medication or hormones, on our animals or on our land.


Our sheep are extensively reared in a small sustainable flock, on natural grassland and managed with a personal interaction rather than impersonal commercial farming methods and routine antibiotics or chemical sprays.


Our principles are informed by the desire to farm naturally and sustainably:


  • To treat livestock ethically, meeting their physiological and behavioural needs

  • To maintain the long term fertility and biological activity of soils

  • To foster biodiversity and protect sensitive habitats and landscape features

  • To maximise use of renewable sources and recycling

  • To minimise pollution and waste

  • To develop ecologically responsible production, processing and distribution chains, emphasising local systems

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